SEES Programs and Activities:  SEES is an educational professional energy society that meets six times a
year to learn about regionally-relevant energy topics: energy production, conservation, and marketing; legislative &
regulatory developments; new products, technology, and government programs.
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The primary purpose of the Southeastern Energy Society is to advocate and to promote a greater
awareness of competitive energy generation options and to provide a forum for discussion,
education and exploration of relevant industry issues.
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Southface's Sustainable Atlanta Roundtables (SARs) are held
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Episcopal Church, 634 West Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA
30308.  To RSVP for roundtables, call 404/872-3549 or

For other Southface events, check the Southface calendar.
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SEES Spring, 2014, Meetings
To RSVP for meetings,  please contact Alston and Bird (404) 881-7761,
fax (404) 253-8593 or e-mail with your name, company and phone
Fall, 2013, SEES Meetings
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US DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
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An Integrated Approach
On Demand: Taking Utility Mobile Apps to the Next
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Industry Trends
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Fuel Cell Engine Matches Diesel Longevity
June 27, 2013 Environmental Leader

British chemical engineering company ACAL Energy
today announced that its FlowCath technology has
enabled a proton exchange membrane (PEM)
hydrogen fuel cell to match the endurance levels of
lightweight diesel engines, undercutting the costs of
traditional fuel cell technology in the process.

The cell reached 10,000 hours’ run-time in a third-
party automotive industry durability test without any
significant signs of degradation, ACAL says.
On demand: Securing the Grid
The 16th annual Greenprints conference was held March 13th and 14th at the Georgia Tech
Research Institute in Midtown Atlanta.  This year's speakers included Rob Watson, the
"Founding Father of LEED;"  Bill Reed, AIA, LEED, former board member of the US Green
Building Council; Dr. Arthur C. Nelson, FAICP, Director of the Metropolitan Research
Center at the University of Utah; and other leaders in the field of sustainability.
The 2013 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT)
Conference was held February 24-27, 2013, in Washington, DC.
 The conference featured plenary sessions, panels, technical
papers, and tutorials by international experts on real world
smart grid applications.
On demand: Making the Business Case for Smart Grid
Network Investment
The 2013 SC Clean Energy Summit was held on Thursday, July 11, at the Columbia
Metropolitan Convention Center, 1101 Lincoln Street.  Sessions included: Solar, Wind,
Biomass, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Project Finance, Clean
Transportation and Recycling.

The keynote speaker was South Carolina State Senator and gubernatorial candidate
Vincent Sheheen.  Other speakers were from industry and academia.  
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the agenda.
Utility Analytics Week, September 23-25, 2013, featured Tom Fanning, President and CEO
of Southern Company, as the kickoff speaker.  Other speakers discuss energy statistical
analysis, smart grid issues, asset management, and other topics of interest to energy
professions.  The event will be in Atlanta at the Georgia International Convention Center.
On September 16 Ben Taube spoke on Atlanta's Better Building Challenge and PACE
Financing Program.  The program, which was launched in 2011, is an initiative to
engage local building owners and operators, encouraging them to reduce their
energy and water consumption in accordance with the City's energy and
environmental goals.  
Mr. Taube provided an update on how Atlanta used a public-
private partnership to develop and lead the program.

October 21st program featured Georgia PSC Commissioner
Tim Echols, who spoke on Alternative Fueled Vehicles (NGV and
EV). Commissioner Echols provided highlights from this summer’s
Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow which he established in
Georgia and which has spread throughout the Southeast.  Newer
technology, more cost-effective infrastructure, and growing
demand are pushing alternative fuel markets forward rapidly,
often led by municipalities.

November 18 Ted Photakis of Energy Systems Group presented  an update on the
DeKalb County Renewable Fuels Facility at the Seminole Road Landfill.  This facility
processes raw landfill gas into Renewable Natural Gas.  The Facility is owned by DeKalb
County, with Energy Systems Group having directed the design, engineering, and
construction of this state-of-the-art facility.  The gas processing involves removing CO2
and harmful trace constituents to provide a gas which is 98% methane.  The Renewable
Natural Gas is piped to a CNG Station which will provide gas for the County's sanitation
fleet, which is being converted  to CNG.  The station will also provide CNG to the public,
with surplus injected directly into the natural gas pipeline to be transported to other
CNG fueling stations.   
On demand: What's Ahead for Storage in 2014?
Trends and Implications for the Energy Industry
The 2013 World Energy Engineering Congress was held September 25-27 at the
Washington, DC, Conference Center.  Featured speakers included William M. Colton,
V.P. Corporate Strategic Planning, Exxon Mobil; Kateri Callahan, President of the
Alliance to Save Energy; and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, among
Bacteria-Packed Nano Sponge Gobbles Up Oil
ASME, Septmeber, 2013

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have
recently announced the creation of a nano-sized
“silica sponge” that contains oil-eating bacteria.  
Using a unique electrospinning technique,
mechanical engineering professor Alptekin Aksan
and microbiology professors Larry Wackett and
Michael Sadowsky have successfully embedded
living, oil-eating bacteria within porous silicon
fibers. The oil contaminants pass through the pores
of the fibers and are consumed by the active
bacterial cells. The fibers can be spun to create a
spongy material that can be a mitigation resource
for treating contaminated water or oil spills.
Can mushrooms replace plastic?
October 22, 2013,

A company in New York uses mushrooms to turn
agricultural biowaste into an array of environmentally
friendly materials that perform like plastics.  
Ecovative, founded in 2007, is using webs of
thread-like roots of mushrooms, known as mycelium,
to make packaging, home insulation, and fiberboard  
SolePower developing device to charge electronics
using the energy generated by walking
ASME, October, 2013

A device developed by two Carnegie Mellon
University mechanical engineering graduates
transforms the energy generated by walking into
battery-charging power for phones and tablet
computers.  Originally developed as a "light-up"
shoe, so that students could be seen when walking
to and from campus at night, the developers
realized that it had farther reaching applications.  
They are now expanding the technology to provide
a means for charging cellphones for campers and
At the March 17th SEES meeting, Peter Floyd, Partner, Alston & Bird LLP, moderated a panel
which discussed: "Convergence of Electric and Natural Gas and its Effect on Smart Grid and
Demand Side Resources."  As the use of natural gas for electric generation continues to grow,
such reliance has raised concerns regarding the need for coordination between the electric
and gas industries.  It, along with direct customer use of natural gas, has also put price
pressure on certain demand side resource technologies.  

Participants included John N. Moura, Director of Reliability Assessment of NERC, Keith Bass, of
ESP, LLC, an energy consulting firm, and Mike Frey, Vice President of Gas Supply at the
Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
, and Ross Malme, Skipping Stone, LLC.  

The event w
as telecast nationally--a first for SEES.
A speaker from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) will present the
April 21st
SEES program: "GEFA’s financing programs for energy efficiency improvement opportunities."  
This program will provide an update regarding their financing program for energy efficiency
improvement opportunities.
At the
May 19th meeting, Jason Byars, Vice President, Business & Project Development, Mas
Energy, LLC, will present: "Landfill Gas Powers Coca-Cola Syrup Plant in Atlanta."  Mr. Byars will
describe the 6.5-megawatt combined heat-and-power system that supplies electricity, steam,
and chilled water to Coca-Cola's Atlanta Syrup Plant. The system provides 100 percent of the
plant's energy needs, offsetting the use of fossil fuels. Coca-Cola expects the system to reduce
its carbon footprint by approximately 20,400 tons annually.