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SEES is an educational professional energy
society that meets six times a year to learn
about regionally-relevant energy topics:
energy production, conservation, and
marketing; legislative & regulatory
developments; new products, technology,
and government programs.  Dues are $50
per year for individuals and $250 for
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On March 16 William Houser of Georgia Power presented an overview of
several U. S. Department of Defense projects located in Georgia that
makeuse of renewable energy.  The DoD Is the nation’s largest energy
user.  In recent years, the DoD has launched several initiatives to reduce
its fossil fuel use by improving energy efficiency and shifting to renewable
energy such as biomass, hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar to meet
operational and installation needs.
 Presentation: Part1  Part2  Part3

Mr. Houser is Georgia Power Company’s Senior Project Manager for the
development and construction of 3 x 30MW Army Solar facilities at Fort
Benning, Fort Gordon and Fort Stewart. These projects are scheduled to
come on line beginning in Spring, 2016.
The April 20th SEES meeting was a field trip to Georgia Power's Customer
Resource Center.  Jim Early, Georgia Power's Energy Systems Manager,
conducted a tour of the center, which offers hands-on demonstrations of a
wide range of electric technologies including electric transportation,
electric comfort systems, the latest in cooking technologies, manufacturing
applications for industry, and energy efficiency ideas for homes--all under
one roof.  The CRC is located just outside of I-285, at
4404 N Shallowford

On May 18, Rodney Dill, Chairman and Executive Director of the Natural
Gas Association of Georgia, will discuss the direct use of natural gas along
with an introduction to the Natural Gas Association of Georgia.  Please
RSVP by May 14 to Janice Shaw at 404.881.7761 or,
and let Janice know if you will be attending in person or by telecast.
Cost:  $15 for members who RSVP, $18 for non-members who RSVP and
members who do not RSVP, and $20 for non-members who do not RSVP.
Spring, 2015, SEES Programs
Please RSVP by May 14 to Janice Shaw at
404.881.7761 or