Southeastern Energy Society
Covering the Southeast from Atlanta
SEES is an educational professional energy
society that meets six times a year to learn
about regionally-relevant energy topics:
energy production, conservation, and
marketing; legislative & regulatory
develop-ments; new products, technology,
and government programs.
Fall, 2014, SEES Meetings
Meetings are held the third Mondays of March, April, May, September,
October, and November at the offices of Alston & Bird, LLP, 1201 W.
Peachtree Street, 49th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30309.  Meetings are also telecast
nationally.  To RSVP for meetings,  please contact Alston and Bird (404)
881-7761, fax (404) 253-8593, or e-mail with your
name, company and phone number.  The cost is $15 for members with
reservations, $18 without RSVP, and $18 for non-members with reservations
and $20 without RSVP.  The fee includes lunch and applies to those attending
by teleconference as well as those attending in person.
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At the September 15, 2014, SEES meeting, Jonathan Wells, Partner, Alston
& Bird, LLC, will provide an update on the New Carbon Rules.  On July
29th and 30th, the Environmental Protection Agency held meetings in
Georgia to obtain feedback on the proposed new “carbon rule” from the
Obama administration.  It has predictably led to a chorus of anti-
regulation protests. Environmental advocates called the proposal an
important step in addressing how pollution contributes to climate
change.  Utility industry leaders said the new rules will cost jobs and raise
consumer costs. The proposed standard will require electricity-generating
utilities to cut their carbon emissions by an average of 30 percent from
2005 levels by 2030, to combat global warming. Here in Georgia, our
emissions must be cut 44 percent.
The October 20th SEES meeting will feature Ervan Hancock, who will
discuss "Georgia Power’s Large-Scale Solar Initiative Projects." In July of
2011, the Public Service Commission approved Georgia Power's plan to buy
up to 50 megawatts of solar power by 2015. These projects include: Simon
Solar Farm, LLC, which will build a 30 MW project near Social Circle; and
Solar Design and Development, LLC, which will build solar projects totaling
19 MW on sites in Mitchell, Meriwether and Upson counties.  This
additional capacity, referred to as the Large Scale Solar proposal, will be
added to the company's overall energy mix.  The new Large Scale Solar
offering will allow Georgia Power to procure solar energy from much
bigger solar installations than have ever been developed in Georgia.  In
addition to its LSS contracts, Georgia Power also has under contract 5.4
MW of solar energy from customers through its subscriber-based Green
Energy program.